Become a #Vote4MentalHealth All-Star

As a respected, nonpartisan organization, NAMI State Organizations and NAMI Affiliates can play an important role in elevating mental health policy in elections, including engaging candidates and mobilizing voters who care about mental health. The #Vote4MentalHealth All-Stars program wants to recognize NAMI Organizations for the important work they are doing to make mental health a key issue in the 2022 elections.


NAMI Organizations can become a #Vote4MentalHealth All-Star by completing at least five of the following activities before Election Day:

*NAMI Affiliates: please coordinate with your NAMI State Organization before surveying or inviting state-level candidates

For your NAMI Organization to be considered, please complete the All-Stars form when your NAMI has completed at least five of these activities so that we can celebrate your efforts. #Vote4MentalHealth All-Stars will receive a certificate and will also be recognized by NAMI on the #Vote4MentalHealth website and through other opportunities.


Contact NAMI’s Government Relations, Policy & Advocacy team at [email protected] if you have questions about becoming a #Vote4MentalHealth All-Star.

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