Make a Plan to #Vote4MentalHealth

Are you ready to #Vote4MentalHealth? Use the checklist below to get prepared to vote! 

▢  Take the pledge to #Vote4MentalHealth

▢  Encourage 5 friends or family members to take the #Vote4MentalHealth pledge
▢  Learn how different policy issues intersect with mental health
▢  Learn how different elected officials impact mental health and how you can engage with candidates
▢  Research the candidates on your ballot
▢  Follow @NAMIAdvocacy on Twitter
▢  Share why you #Vote4MentalHealth on social media
▢  Register to vote or check your voter registration
▢  Learn more about your state’s voting options, like voting early or by mail
▢  Find your polling place (if you plan to vote in-person)
▢  Request your absentee ballot (if you can and plan to vote-by-mail)
▢  Return your absentee ballot (if you requested one) or return your mail ballot (if your state votes by mail)
▢  Encourage 5 friends or family members to vote

▢  #Vote4MentalHealth!